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The Perfect Summer Day


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I love summer days. It beckons us to escape from reality, slow down and share moments with people we love.

Two weekends ago, we had brunch at Le Sain Bol (finally made it! come by at 10 am if you want to have a seat) and spent the rest of the day discovering the shops on Bernard street. Some favourites of mine are the iconic flower lady shop, Les Montures, Drawn & Quaterly bookstore and an organic convenience store. We stopped by a few grocery stores to buy fresh and local strawberries, a baguette, cheese and hummus. We then packed up a picnic for dinner at Parc de la Cité-du-Havre, while enjoying amazing views of Montreal. It feels good to do nothing but lounging, laughing, eating and talking. Silly us, we left the park before the fireworks.

Montreal, you’re beautiful in summer.

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