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Shanghai Photo Diary I



 Sorry for the radio silence! I lack inspiration these days and have been really busy with work. Having the same routine over and over again since January is daunting, although I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I’d like to escape from this dreary month of March and travel anywhere else. But going through my photos of Shanghai feels like I’m still over there.

I lived in one of the most populous cities in the world for six months, and it was pure bliss. I felt so small, yet incredibly drawn by the energy of this city. Among my favourite things to do were my afternoon strolls in the secret garden hidden in the backyard of the hospital where I lived closed by. The lake, the trees and its peacefulness kept me away from the noisy streets and the people shouting non stop. During my spare time, I enjoyed going on my own in the French Concession, an upper area where many foreigners live in. Beautiful design and clothing boutiques, huge lanes surrounded by giant trees and the mix of old and new architecture make it my favourite neighbourhood.


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