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Rosendals Trädgård


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This was my best day in Stockholm. After all the pouring rain in Copenhagen, it was finally sunny and bright, yay! One thing I really enjoyed about the city is the constant presence of the water. Wherever you are, you are close to it. In Djurgården, people were either running, walking the dog or paddle boating right in the middle of the city. So cool.

By now, you can tell that wherever I can find loads of flowers and plants, I call it my happy place. So I found paradise in Stockholm, Rosendals Trädgård, a magnificent garden. Not to mention the mouth watering Sunday brunch (but oh so expensive), the different greenhouses, the cute bud vases displayed near the window and the little shop where you can buy baked goods. There is also a huge park where friends and families gather together to chat and to have a picnic. I noticed there were many daddies, which I find so cool. Sweden is definitely ahead concerning social benefits and it’s another win, that’s for sure!

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Rosendals Tradgard

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Rosendals Tradgard

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