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Raw Key Lime Coconut Tarts


© Sylvie Li

Summer, I love you! Since the end of school, I’ve more time to shoot personal projects and focus on business development, read books and enjoy afternoons with friends without worrying of handing in assignments every week…

Two weeks ago we had a power blackout and I was freaking out: we had no Internet connection for the whole day. My roommate and I managed to do other activities, such as watching a movie (on half a Mac battery, phew!) and we took a long walk in our neighbourhood in the evening. I realized that having no electricity has its perks: I read a novel, I edited photos without checking social media every 20 minutes and enjoyed the summer weather. I should shut down my computer more often.

So since the beginning of summer, I was reaaally looking forward to shoot another recipe and do some food styling. Lately in May, I received by mail post the utterly gorgeous My New Roots cookbook and was instantly drawn towards the Raw Key Lime Coconut Tarts recipe. Even though it calls for the late summer season, I couldn’t wait to do it (I shot this in early June). These little buddies turned out great, with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness thanks to the lime. The filling itself (made out of avocados, maple syrup, lime and coconut oil) is so delicious I could’ve eaten it entirely. These key lime pies need a bit of planning ahead (soaking nuts for 8 hours and freezing the tarts for 3 hours), but overall in six small steps it’s really easy to make! I’d say it’s good for breakfast, dessert and as a snack… Ha. Anyway, I pretty much fell in love with this cookbook. The photographs are beautiful and the hearty and healthy recipes are right up my alley.

p.s. I’m currently in California (San Francisco) and am so stoked! Can’t wait to share my photo diary.

© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li
© Sylvie Li
© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li© Sylvie Li

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