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Montauk Sofa & February’s Goals List


Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -2-1

The winter seems to never end. I know everybody complains about the cold weather, but strangely enough I’m ok with this. I try to enjoy it instead of dealing with it. It might have something to do about my warm coat, or that I love eating soups when it’s chilly outside. Anyways, when I walk to go to work at 6:30 am, the sun starts to rise and in the afternoon, I have more and more daylight in my room. It makes me happy. Talking about light, there was an amazing one last Friday when I visited Montauk Sofa. I fell in love with the company’s philosophy and high-end design furnitures. The sofas are locally made in Montréal, while some chairs and tables are imported from France or Denmark (ah, these great Danes!). I had a good time looking around and sitting on the puffy sofas. One thing is sure, this place is truly inspiring for any design lover. I’m dreaming of those marble tables and the light grey sofa… Now where’s my money? Hello Kickstarter? Ha! I’m kidding. It’s a shame I never made it before, but better late than never.

Here’s my February’s goals list!

Eating / Soups aaaall the way.
Drinking / I have a matcha obsession lately.
Practicing / Uh, photography I guess.
Mastering / Trying to achieve good exposure and improve my photo composition.
Learning / About myself.
Trying / Meditation was a huge fail. Not my thing. I gave up this month.
Playing / CocoRosie and Feist on repeat.
Finishing / Practicing an oral presentation and Grey’s Anatomy seasons 9-10 (shh).
Reading / Cartier-Bresson: L’oeil du siècle by Pierre Assouline.
Remembering / That I must edit my photos of Shanghai soon.
Wearing / Socks. Layers. A winter coat.
Cooking / Souuuups. And muffins.
Working / On improving my relationships with others. These things take time.
Traveling / Unfortunately, I’m not travelling anytime soon. Hopefully this summer.
Wanting / Since I do not have money for this backpack, I’m going for this one, adding a pop of colour in my monochrome wardrobe. It’s equally good and local!

Enjoy the photos. x

Montauk Sofa | 4404 St. Laurent blvd

Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -7Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -3-1Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -8 Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -13-2Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -10-1 Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -13


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