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Phew. I moved out of my rented room this weekend, which obviously involved countless boxes, a bed frame, a mattress, chairs and many hands to help me get through this. I’ll be staying with my sister for two months before moving in (again!) January. Might not be the best month, but I cannot wait for a fresh new start, right in time for 2015. I just don’t want a snowstorm, please.

As I can still ride my bicycle despite the rainy days lastly, I finally visited the newly (read: a year ago) renovated Marc-Favreau library in Rosemont – La Petite Patrie. Shame on me I didn’t make it before. Ivies are growing up on the walls and the building lets a good amount of sunlight getting through the big windows. I like that. The entire library is so beautiful and bright. It feels like the perfect place to study or to linger over a good book and a cup of coffee (tea in my case) for hours. I’ll be back.

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