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London Calling Cider



My friends know that I don’t have a high tolerance to alcohol. This always turns out as a joke at parties. I sip two (or three) times, then my heart starts to beat faster and my ears get red. You’ll find me somewhat tipsier before the others. Blame it on my Asian roots. After a disastrous party in my early teens, I stopped drinking for a while. I’m not fond of what beer or wine tastes like, but I get a glass of apple cider every now and then, which I consider to be the only alcoholic beverage I can drink with enthusiasm (but still with moderation).

So when I was invited to attend the launch of the new flavour of London Calling – apple and cranberry – at La Guilde Culinaire, I said yes right away. London Calling is a cider-based cocktail locally developed with McIntosh apples. It isn’t only pure cider, but I was curious to give it a go. On top of that, I knew that chef Danny St-Pierre would be cooking three small dishes during the event, so I didn’t hesitate. The cocktail is sweet and sour, and has a similar taste to cider. I think it’s a good choice for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol as I do.

Now on the food. Danny St-Pierre is a reknown chef in Quebec and owns a restaurant in Sherbrooke, Auguste. He cooked for us three recipes based on London Calling cocktails: trout, apple-cider purée and crispy parsnip ; chicken, creamy cider velouté, mushrooms duxelles and watercress, and for dessert, walnuts, cider-braised apple and white chocolate crémeux. I helped myself twice for each course (!), so you can tell it was pretty delicious. I went back home with a full happy belly and perhaps slightly tipsy. It’s been fun to attend this event, shoot out of my comfort zone (aka under artificial light) and discover something new.

I was invited by London Calling. All opinions are my own.

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