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Life Lately & March’s Goals List


Tulips © Sylvie Li

Here’s a short post for this week. I have plenty of ideas for a Weekly Recipe post and I finally edited some photographs of my stay in Shanghai, now I just need to find time to write something nice and pull everything together. I’ve been busy with both work and school lately, which left me with little or no time at all for shooting personal work. On the other hand, I’m having more and more fun with Instagram. There’s something about this still life shot I took my with iPad and that I posted this week. It’s one of my favourite so far. I’m in love with the tones, shadows, background texture and crispness of this photograph. And well of course, with these beautiful tulips too! They’re here to remind me that spring is coming soon… I find it still shocking that we can take sharp and beautiful photos with our mobile devices. You can tell by taking a look at Apple’s World Gallery, entirely shot with the iPhone 6. It’s pretty amazing. Anyway, this one would make a fine print, and I’m thinking of posting once in a while some of my Instagram shots on the blog.

Now, onto the March’s Goals List:

Eating / Fruits and veggies in salads. Mostly Ottolenghi’s recipes, because he’s the best. And some sweets, like the lemon tart they improved at the bakery shop I work for! It tastes like heaven.
Drinking / Green tea, and rose tea with ginger (yikes), lemon and honey because my throat is sore (sighs).
Practicing / Studio lightning! So much fun guys (seriously).
Mastering / How to make a good hot chocolate (at work).
Learning / To declutter my wardrobe.
Trying / To be more kind and generous.
Playing / Kandle and Soley. My latest obsessions!
Finishing / House of Cards, season 3.
Reading / Kim Thúy’s book, À moi.
Remembering / Summer weather.
Wearing / Basic tees and a white blouse.
Cooking / Salads, greens, beans and soups.
Working / On improving my relationships with others. Still.
Traveling / Dreaming of Bolivia this summer.
Wanting / New photo gear, a light grey coat and now I want an iPhone 6! 😉

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