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Birthday Lunch – Les 400 coups




Whew. Second food post in a row! #sorrynotsorry

Last week was my birthday and to celebrate, my sister invited me over to have a pre-birthday lunch at Les 400 coups. I’ve been dying to go there since its opening (aka for too long) and I was happy to finally made it after all these years. This place easily makes it to my top 3 restaurants in Montréal (along with Hôtel Herman and Van Horne if you’re curious to know). It was love at first sight when my appetizer arrived: a jaw-dropping plate (just featured below) of smoked duck, blueberries, wintergreen and kohlrabi. We also got to try pork, white beets and smoked potatoes, along with roasted parsnip with red beets, naked oat and hazelnuts as main courses. So yes, you can tell that beets are in season. T’was all delicious, but the most delightful part of this lunch was the desserts (so apparently, I kind of disagree with Marie-Claude Lortie). I loved the lemon cream, melon sherbet and sunflower crumble: a perfect balance of flavours and textures. They know how to make food shine.

We were also served by a lovely and funny waiter, which enhanced our experience. I’m thankful for the window light, the weekday lunch at fair price and my sister for bringing me out there as (part) of my birthday gift. Oh, and how pretty is the bar and that bouquet of flowers? The daylight was quite pleasant for the eye that day, so it was impossible not to shoot a bit around. Ahhh. More of this, please.

It’s been a long time since I was surprisingly stoked by a restaurant. I’ll come back anytime! Nom nom.

Love, S.

Restaurant Les 400 coups | 400, Notre-Dame St. E

p.s. Shall we play to Where’s Wally? Find me below.

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