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 Stockholm and me, it was kind of love at first sight. When I looked out the window of the train and saw all the water surroundings, the bright sun and the city landscape, I knew I would already love the city. And it has so much to offer. 

I stayed at Skanstull Hostel in charming and hip Södermalm, where lots of cool shops, boutiques (hello Acne, hello Grandpa!) and cafes are located.  I was starving and had an open-faced sandwich (a Swedish specialty) garnished with fresh shrimps before exploring Södermalm and do what I love the most when abroad: wandering the streets and visiting the local gems: Parlans Konfektyr (yes, ZE very best caramels in the world), Grandpa, Chokladfabriken, Acne, Bruno, A place, Designtorget… I must say that I have a small preference over Danish design, but in my opinion, you can’t beat Swedish fashion design.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized how everything was so expensive. You need to have enough savings if you want to go to the restaurant and buy some stuff. As for me, I survived out of cans from the grocery store. Just saying. But it shouldn’t stop you to consider visiting Stockholm. It’s worth it.

I also went to Fotografiska since I’ve heard people rave about this place on blogs. Obviously, I loved it and discovered many great international artists. It’s a photographer enthusiast’s paradise. After my visit to the museum, I managed to take some photos of the Old Town and Djurgården. It was around 9 o’clock and still super bright, can you believe it? Summer in Scandinavia is a bliss.

p.s. if you can spot the funny thing below in one of the pictures you’re a champ.

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