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Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe


L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015
I was invited a few weeks ago to attend the launch of the Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe, but couldn’t make it because of school duties (I’m such a good student EH), so instead I went there for lunch with one of my good friends. L’Gros Luxe is well known for its comfort food and is offering this month a different grilled cheese every single day, meaning you can come back any time to try a new one. Sweet, savoury, sophisticated, you name it. Whew! Well I’m down for that. Each time I walk in front of the restaurant in the Mile End, it’s always packed with hipsters people so it seemed the perfect opportunity to go. FYI, I’m going back as soon as I can.

 Eating a grilled cheese on a rainy Friday (comes with a beer too, if you’d like) sounds like a pretty good idea to me. The grilled cheese on the menu that day was the Hawaiian: a mix of Swiss and homemade cheese with slices of fresh pineapple and ham. The combination of sweet and salty was well balanced, I loved the crunch of the toasted bread and the cheese was so delicious, oh em gee. It wasn’t extremely fancy, but that’s how I like a grilled cheese: simple yet tasty. For the side, I ordered the salad but I would definitely have added more vinaigrette… Anyway, the grilled cheese is what matters here and I’d be more than happy to come back to try a few more: I’ve been eyeing the Roasted peach, balsamic and goat cheese, Braised short Ribs and blue cheese, and Fried spinach, curry cauliflower and cilantro. If that doesn’t sound mouthwatering to you then I don’t know what will. #nomnom #cheeselyfe

Oh, and of course I couldn’t avoid taking too many photos of the restaurant… Thumbs up for the gorgeous bar and many vintage finds (I really dig that sofa).

The Grilled Cheese Month is running every day of November at L’Gros Luxe. Visit their website and Facebook page for the menu and locations!

Disclosure: I was invited by L’Gros Luxe
L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015 L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015 L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015 L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015 L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015

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