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Chryssi & Romain


© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-10

Whew! Finally glad I’m sharing this series of photos. A few months back, I had the opportunity to assist Micheal Beaulieu on my first wedding photo shoot and I was thrilled. I focused on shooting details – the venue, décor, flowers, setting – as well as shooting guests. Chryssi and Romain were such a sweet couple!  The venue was on Île Sainte-Hélène and I loved the little details – I couldn’t get over how pretty were the bouquets of flowers, the wooden tables and dinnerware. Michael insisted that I shoot in square format during Chryssi and Romain’s wedding and I love it, it’s a lot of fun! I’ll do more of that in the future. I had a blast helping photograph the wedding and I’m really happy with the result. Hopefully more opportunities will come soon.

Photographs and editing by me.
To see more of Micheal’s work and the wedding, click here.

© Sylvie Li 2015 wedding© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-9-1 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-20-1 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-35-1© Sylvie Li 2015 wedding© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-24 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-34-1 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-30-1 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-41-1 © Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-43-1 © Sylvie Li 2015 wedding© Sylvie Li 2015 wedding© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-46-1© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-27© Li_Sylvie_Mariage01-49-1

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