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Caught In The Rain And Bicycles


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 The rain came to say hello and we had to plan something to do. We strolled around the city centre before heading to Nørrebro (and fortunately the rain stopped), a hip neighbourhood that I really love! Especially Jægersborggade, a nice street where cafés, local design shops and great restaurants meet. Everything was closed but I made sure to come back during my stay.

 Basically, bicycles are everywhere, which is something I love about Copenhagen. It’s the most safe and cycling-friendly city I have ever visited, in my opinion. The Danes ride their bikes no matter what the weather is: sunny, rainy, snowy, cold, hot, you name it. It’s impressive to see tons of bikes on the street (well, bike lanes) and huge parking racks. At this moment, I couldn’t wait to start exploring the city on two wheels.

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