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Raw Key Lime Coconut Tarts


© Sylvie Li

Summer, I love you! Since the end of school, I’ve more time to shoot personal projects and focus on business development, read books and enjoy afternoons with friends without worrying of handing in assignments every week…

Two weeks ago we had a power blackout and I was freaking out: we had no Internet connection for the whole day. My roommate and I managed to do other activities, such as watching a movie (on half a Mac battery, phew!) and we took a long walk in our neighbourhood in the evening. I realized that having no electricity has its perks: I read a novel, I edited photos without checking social media every 20 minutes and enjoyed the summer weather. I should shut down my computer more often.

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Food, Sweets, Weekly recipe

Tartelette citron


Tartelette citron FD Sylvie Li

Hi, hello spring!

Whew! What a week. I’m so glad it’s Easter, because that means four days off of school and that I can rest a bit. Read here: do errands, watch Downton Abbey, drink tea in bed and sleep. I also finally received the much anticipated Sprouted Kitchen: bowl + spoon cookbook two days ago and I’m in love. The photographs are gorgeous and the recipes are hearty, simple and so yummy. I made the Slivered Veggies and Soba Salad with Mapled Tofu for dinner and it’s a win. Food bowls are definitely the best. I can’t wait to try more recipes and share some with you.

So. About the amazing weather. It’s officially spring since two weeks or so, and it’s been a real dream (joking). Snow, more snow, sun, wind, rain, sun, snow, because why not. Oh whatever. But hopefully, this post is gonna cheer you up: it’s a reminder of the spring we’re all waiting for. I’m talking about that little bright citrus I love so much, lemon. I documented the making of Fous Desserts new lemon tart, and it’s so, so good. The balance between sour and sweet is perfect, you should seriously give it a go. My little photo essay is finally printed and the photos are now displayed in the bakery shop starting from today! Drop by to see it and buy some fresh croissants, your Easter chocolate and the lemon tart. 😉

Here’s to more sunshine.

Fous Desserts | 809, Laurier St E

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Mango & Chickpea Salad



My love for Ottolenghi isn’t a secret anymore. I’m always astonished by the perfect balance of flavours in each of his recipes. So it’s without surprise that I pre-ordered back in August the much anticipated cookbook Plenty More. I love Meditteranean cuisine, and when a recipe calls for chickpeas, I know it’s a win. This salad caught my eye: ripe and sweet mangoes, cumin, coriander, onion and chickpeas? Oh yes! Needless to say the recipe lived up to my expectations. After aaalll the meat (duck, chicken and pork – you know, Chinese style) consumed during the holidays, it’s nice to take a break and eat fresh vegetables and a meat-free meal. Continue Reading…

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A Christmas Milkshake



About a week ago, the sweet Gabrielle of Dentelle+Fleurs came over to my place to shoot a Christmas inspired recipe for Forever21. It was so nice to get to know her more! Plus, the recipe is pretty straight: you only have to throw the ingredients in a blender. The candy canes give a fresh twist to the drink. It’s finally the weekend and the holidays are fast approaching, so go treat yourself!

Head to Gabrielle’s blog to see the photos + recipe. Continue Reading…

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On Turning 23 & A Raw Citrus Cake



Yesterday was November 15th. Times flies so quickly. I still have so many places to visit and things to scratch off my bucket list, but time is creeping up on me.

Life is a roller coaster journey of ups and downs. I’ve struggled with eating disorder (anorexia) for almost two years and touched the bottom when I weighted only 80 pounds. I began a therapy and worked on my relationship with food. It took me months to finally accept that taking control over food wouldn’t make me feel better, but rather powerless. Fast forward three years, and I feel so much healthier both in my body and soul. I believe getting through my eating disorder helped me understand the importance of gathering, sharing meals and feeding my body with wholesome foods. Continue Reading…

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Holiday Stuffed Pumpkin



There’s nothing like going to the market to buy fresh produce. Strolling through aisles and capturing beautiful and vibrantly colored vegetables with my camera in the sunlight is one of my simplest but biggest pleasures. At Marché Jean-Talon, the stands are loaded with squashes, local apples and of course, pumpkins! To say that I love autumn vegetables would be an understatement. I bought a small pumpkin so I could make the Holiday Stuffed Pumpkin recipe from Green Kitchen Travels at home (go get a copy). It’s soon Halloween and I couldn’t think of a better timing to share this heartwarming dish. To cook for others and make their bellies happy is pure joy.

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Acorn squash with sweet spices, lime and green chili pepper



Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty is a beautiful vegetarian cookbook. I received it as a birthday gift last year and it doesn’t disappoint. He always manages to balance the flavours perfectly between sweet, spicy, tangy and salty in every recipe. The vegetables really get to be the true stars.  I LOVE this vibrant and inspiring cookbook, and of course I pre-ordered Plenty More on Amazon (edit 14/10: just received it by mail and astonished by these mouth-watering recipes!). The only downside would be the numerous ingredients you need to buy for one recipe, which can end up as a waste especially when you cook for one. But then, it’s another excuse to invite people to come over to your place and have dinner. I substituted the butternut squash for an acorn squash in this recipe. It’s a very simple yet fresh and light appetizer thanks to the lime and tahini. Again, Ottolenghi hits the nail. Continue Reading…

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Almond quinoa orange blossom cookies



Wee! Cookies in a jar are the easiest thing to bake ever. We’ve bought these almond quinoa cookies at Fuchsia Épicerie Fleur before its official closing last winter. That’s too bad, because it was a really beautiful place and they had a great selection of products made with edible flowers. Anyway, we just added an egg and butter, baked these for ten minutes and voilà. Simply delightful. Continue Reading…

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Cardamom-scented banana cake


Ricardo's cardamom scented banana cake

Autumn has arrived. I started to wear big chunky sweaters and my favourite black scarf and coat, and to drink too much tea to keep me warm. From now I will not leave my ballerinas until the first snow. I love autumn and its beautiful late afternoon golden light. It’s my all-time favourite season: the colourful leaves are falling down, the air is crisp and we begin to cook heart-warming food.

But now on today’s cake. This addictive cardamom-scented banana cake from Quebec’s very own Ricardo is really cozy and perfectly paired with these chilly days. We barely adapted the recipe by adding some blueberries. Ricardo is your best buddy when it comes to very ripe bananas and when you don’t know what to do with them. This cake was a huge hit. Cardamom is my favourite spice and Swedish people use it very often in their everyday sweets: I used to buy a cardamom cinnamon bun almost every day back in Stockholm and oh em gee, it is the best. thing. ever. Heaven. In this recipe, this powerful spice brings everything up to the next level, adding some kick. We baked about twelve muffins plus a whole loaf but trust me, they won’t last very long. Continue Reading…

Food, Sweets, Weekly recipe

In season


Plums - The Dance Prelude by Sylvie Li

We bought lots, lots of yummy plums at Marché Jean-Talon a few days ago, as well as a dried lavender bouquet whose colour matches so well with these fruits. They’re fresh, juicy, ripe and sweet. So we decided to bake a Ukrainian cake from this very gorgeous cookbook for the occasion. And because it is just another excuse to celebrate summer one last time before autumn is in full swing. For this recipe, we used two varieties: Ontario blue plums and Montréal’s Mont-Royal plums. Local food is always best. Continue Reading…