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Still Life – Flowers X and November Goals List


Sylvie Li Photo

Hum hello?! I just realized that I haven’t published a still life post for months and that my last goals list is from June. June! Summer went away in the blink of an eye and fall is now in full swing: October comes to an end in a few days and I can’t even recall what I did. In the midst of juggling with freelance and photo assistant jobs, night classes and part-time work at the bakery shop, I have little to no time at all for personal photo projects or administrative work, sadly. So hence the lack of updates here. But somehow I always manage to squeeze in a shopping session or coffee dates with friends… Tee hee.

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Peonies Study



‘Tis the time of the blooming season I’m looking forward to the most (equally with cherry blossoms), peonies. They are so stunning and get fluffy in no time. They currently sit on my desktop and brighten up my day. Oh, and don’t get me started with their smell. Sigh.

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Still Life – Flowers IX and June’s Goals List


© Sylvie Li

A short still life study. Mostly on textures and colours.

Eating / Salads, raw key lime coconut tarts and croissants. Yup.
Drinking / Water and tea.
Practicing / Lightroom.
Mastering / Relationships.
Learning / From my mistakes.
Trying / To focus on my own personal projects.
Playing / Flume, Of Monsters and Men, Alex Nevsky.
Finishing / Orange Is The New Black season 3!! gjflsowjdhgks.
Reading / About marketing and photography business.
Remembering / That I just skipped May’s Goals List… #oops #mybad
Wearing / Dresses when hot and humid; basic tees, jeans and a coat (yes) when the weather drops to 10°C. #annoying
Cooking / Raw key lime coconut tarts! And carrot rhubarb muffins today. #nom
Working / On personal and professional photography assignments.
Traveling / Planning a LA travel guide.
Wanting / Something meaningful to happen.

Happy Monday!

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Garçon fleur


© Sylvie Li

De Montréal, avec amour.

I’ve been following Montreal entreprise Garçon fleur for quite a while already – I just love the concept of delivering a flower bouquets at one’s doorstep by bike. They also recently opened a shop in Villeray and I have to stop by soon. For someone like me who is obsessed with flowers (can you tell that yet?), I had to try their service at least once. I’m always happy to support local businesses! Earlier in May was my sister’s birthday and it was the perfect timing to offer her one of Garçon fleur’s bouquets and a croissant from Mlle Gâteaux. It’s a lovely gift idea for your loved ones and is sure to please everyone. The flower arrangement is amazing. They even put asparagus, green onions and kale to make their bouquets! How cool and creative is that?

I took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon to snap these outdoors. The ambiance is overall very girly slash romantic, but I kinda like it. Happy belated birthday to the most amazing sister. x

Garçon fleur | 337, De Castelneau St E

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Still Life – Flowers VIII & Late Spring



I hope you’re not sick yet of flower posts, because I’m not done. The challenge is to shoot on a different perspective/angle, which I was struggling for in the past few Still Life series. Fortunately on that day, the light coming in the apartment was beautiful and I took advantage of the chair nearby to photograph the bouquet. I especially love the gradient tones of the roses, it’s pretty gorgeous if you ask me. Coming home to some nice flowers changes up the mood, trust me. It’s all about finding joy in the small things.

On another note, I feel super happy because of the warm weather we’ve experienced for the last few days. I enjoyed my weekend with my roomates at the park, ate small berries and fresh salads on my balcony and wore summer dresses. It all feels good. School is also coming to an end and I’m stoked for yet another summer in Montreal and my upcoming trip to California.

I’ll be sharing some of my college assignments soon, so stay tuned. 🙂

Have a great week!

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Still Life – Flowers VII & April’s Goals List



Happy Monday! Here’s my April’s Goals List and some pretty shades of colours. I can’t stop looking at these beauties. It now really feels like spring outside and I thought these flowers were perfect for the current weather. Hope they bring you as much joy as they do for me.

Eating / Sweets, spring salads and food bowls.
Drinking / Water with lemon and oolong tea.
Practicing / Photoshop. Whew.
Mastering / Photoshop selection tools. Sooo much fun…
Learning / Slow living.
Trying / To be more self conscious.
Playing / First Aid Kit, Milk & Bone and Jose Gonzalez.
Finishing / Mad Men, season 7. Aaaahhh
Reading / Black Hole by Charles Burns.
Remembering / I’m ridiculously missing listening to First Aid Kit while strolling in Stockholm’s streets…
Wearing / Black, tees, a giant scarf, mocassins and my spring coat, yay!
Cooking / Banana and strawberry muffins and salads.
Working / On personal and professional photography assignments.
Traveling / I’m super stoked to discover San Francisco, Big Sur and LA this summer!
Wanting / A red lipstick. Update: satisfied my craving with this gorgeous Chanel lipstick. It’s a stunner. I’m happy I invested money in a good one!

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Life Lately & March’s Goals List


Tulips © Sylvie Li

Here’s a short post for this week. I have plenty of ideas for a Weekly Recipe post and I finally edited some photographs of my stay in Shanghai, now I just need to find time to write something nice and pull everything together. I’ve been busy with both work and school lately, which left me with little or no time at all for shooting personal work. On the other hand, I’m having more and more fun with Instagram. There’s something about this still life shot I took my with iPad and that I posted this week. It’s one of my favourite so far. I’m in love with the tones, shadows, background texture and crispness of this photograph. And well of course, with these beautiful tulips too! They’re here to remind me that spring is coming soon… I find it still shocking that we can take sharp and beautiful photos with our mobile devices. You can tell by taking a look at Apple’s World Gallery, entirely shot with the iPhone 6. It’s pretty amazing. Anyway, this one would make a fine print, and I’m thinking of posting once in a while some of my Instagram shots on the blog.

Now, onto the March’s Goals List:

Eating / Fruits and veggies in salads. Mostly Ottolenghi’s recipes, because he’s the best. And some sweets, like the lemon tart they improved at the bakery shop I work for! It tastes like heaven.
Drinking / Green tea, and rose tea with ginger (yikes), lemon and honey because my throat is sore (sighs).
Practicing / Studio lightning! So much fun guys (seriously).
Mastering / How to make a good hot chocolate (at work).
Learning / To declutter my wardrobe.
Trying / To be more kind and generous.
Playing / Kandle and Soley. My latest obsessions!
Finishing / House of Cards, season 3.
Reading / Kim Thúy’s book, À moi.
Remembering / Summer weather.
Wearing / Basic tees and a white blouse.
Cooking / Salads, greens, beans and soups.
Working / On improving my relationships with others. Still.
Traveling / Dreaming of Bolivia this summer.
Wanting / New photo gear, a light grey coat and now I want an iPhone 6! 😉

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Still Life – Flowers VI


Flowers VI - Sylvie Li -21

I don’t know why, but I really like photo essay. I’m pretending spring is just around the corner, although we bought these on a cold Valentine’s Day… The winter seems endless and I’m not complaining regardless of the weather, but let’s face it. I cannot wait for warmer days, picnics at Parc Laurier, and to ride my bicycle and feel the sun on my bare skin… These flowers will do for now. Continue Reading…

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Still Life – Flowers V & January’s Goals List



Every bouquet of flowers I shoot always seems prettier and prettier. I’m in love with these vibrant colours… If you’re wondering, it is made of pincushion, huckleberry, roses, leucodendrons and another variety of eucalyptus leaves. As usual, they were taken at the flower shop Le Jardin de Monet. I can’t recommend it enough. Continue Reading…

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Still Life – Flowers IV



This might be one of the most stunning bouquet of flowers my sister designed so far.
I can hardly believe it’s already the end of 2014 and I can only hope for more travel adventures to come. I wish you a healthy, happy and exciting new year ahead fulfilled with sunshine and flowers. So here’s to 2015. Happy New Year! Continue Reading…