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Montauk Sofa & February’s Goals List


Montauksofa - Sylvie Li -2-1

The winter seems to never end. I know everybody complains about the cold weather, but strangely enough I’m ok with this. I try to enjoy it instead of dealing with it. It might have something to do about my warm coat, or that I love eating soups when it’s chilly outside. Anyways, when I walk to go to work at 6:30 am, the sun starts to rise and in the afternoon, I have more and more daylight in my room. It makes me happy. Talking about light, there was an amazing one last Friday when I visited Montauk Sofa. I fell in love with the company’s philosophy and high-end design furnitures. The sofas are locally made in Montréal, while some chairs and tables are imported from France or Denmark (ah, these great Danes!). I had a good time looking around and sitting on the puffy sofas. One thing is sure, this place is truly inspiring for any design lover. I’m dreaming of those marble tables and the light grey sofa… Now where’s my money? Hello Kickstarter? Ha! I’m kidding. It’s a shame I never made it before, but better late than never. Continue Reading…

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Restaurant Cirkus



Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. So it’s a no brainer that one of my favourite weekend activities is to go brunch. Good food, friends and sunlight (for photos, of course)? I’m in. I love trying new places in town and when I heard of Restaurant Cirkus opening last November, it went on top of my bucket list. This restaurant is the new project of Chef Julien Joré and Stéphanie Labelle, the owner of one of my favourite pastry shops in Montréal (Pâtisserie Rhubarbe). I finally got the chance to go there last weekend. Continue Reading…

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I took these photos back in October at Artemano but never got the chance to post them until now. It’s perhaps one of my favourite design furniture stores. I wouldn’t say no to that teapot and wooden table… I love the colour wall, too. It inspires me to paint a beautiful dark grey wall in a near future.

Christmas’ spirit is in full swing and I’ve already bought most of my gifts this year, yet I still have the wrapping thing to do. I’m really into giving small customized gifts to everyone, and edible ones for most of them. Until I have the money to buy expensive furnitures like these below. Ha.

Happy Monday!

Artemano | 4238, St.Laurent blvd Continue Reading…

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Atelier Make


Atelir Make-04

It’s not a secret anymore that I feel drawn towards Scandinavian design, especially after my trip to Denmark and Sweden last summer. So it’s no wonder that I’ve been eyeing Atelier Make‘s work for a while. I love its aesthetic which is both minimalist and contemporary, and reminds me of Scandinavia. Yesterday, the two ladies running Atelier Make, Jaimie and Maya, kindly opened their studio to me. You can feel that both put lots of love, work and time to create beautiful, timeless and functional fine craft and share their passion with the community. It’s been a real pleasure to learn more about their working process and to discover their handmade porcelain tableware. I’ll have one of each, please. It’s just too pretty.

The studio is open every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm til Christmas and they also offer workshops, so make sure to check it out.

Thank you Jaimie and Maya! Continue Reading…

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I love to wander in Montréal’s Little Portugal on St. Laurent and to go into furniture stores to get inspired. Interversion emphasizes on a strong aesthetic and minimalist design, which I’m very fond of. Everything under their brand name is locally made in their workshop in Drummondville, while the store also showcases Quebec’s craftsmanships. On the day of my visit the whole store was under renovation so I’ve been asked to forgive the mess (uh, what mess..?). But I didn’t really mind, though. It was a beautiful one.

Interversion | 4273 St.Laurent blvd Continue Reading…

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Le Parloir


P7200705-1 SLi

I am a sucker for sweets and thus, this obviously involves afternoon teas. So when I’ve been asked to go to the new tearoom Le Parloir, I said yes right away. It’s always fun for me to discover a place and shoot around, especially when it’s so pretty as one can see. My highlights were the buttery scone (as it is supposed to be) with the Devonshire cream and the delicious and colourful macarons from Les Délices de Marie-Antoinette. Continue Reading…