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Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe


L'Gros Luxe © Sylvie Li 2015
I was invited a few weeks ago to attend the launch of the Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe, but couldn’t make it because of school duties (I’m such a good student EH), so instead I went there for lunch with one of my good friends. L’Gros Luxe is well known for its comfort food and is offering this month a different grilled cheese every single day, meaning you can come back any time to try a new one. Sweet, savoury, sophisticated, you name it. Whew! Well I’m down for that. Each time I walk in front of the restaurant in the Mile End, it’s always packed with hipsters people so it seemed the perfect opportunity to go. FYI, I’m going back as soon as I can.

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Style Labo



Style Labo is such a beautiful antique store. The selection of second-hand objects and furniture is always carefully curated and most of it comes from the United States. From old vintage lamps to vintage stamps, maps and posters, one can find true gems to decorate their own space. It’s a photographer’s paradise, too. So I let the pictures talk for themselves this time.

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Comme des enfants


P7190607-1 SLi

I stumbled across the cutest children store last weekend, Comme des enfants. Located on Bernard street in the Mile End and opened since only three months, the boutique is right up my alley: clear and pure design, flooded with sunlight and painted all white.

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Brunch at La Petite Adresse


P6210246-2 SLi

Yesterday’s brunch at La Petite Adresse, located in the heart of Mile-End (yay, my neighbourhood!).

The restaurant is really charming. We sat at the huge wooden table and there were even gorgeous peonies. We tried the zucchini pancakes, salmon, poached egg, capers and horseradish ; vegetables with an almond and sun-dried tomatoes vinaigrette and some crunchy garlic bread on the side ; and last but not the least, shakshuka with semolina bread. Continue Reading…