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Chiang Mai & Phuket photo diary


Chiang Mai-01

From heartbreaking elephant rides in Chiang Mai to busy food street markets, we arrived in Phuket as our last destination (+ Ko Phi Phi). There isn’t much to do in this city, which I found quite boring in the end… It serves more as a starting point for island hopping. Because of a lack of things to do, some local people recommended us to head to Laem Phromthep viewpoint for the sunset. Since it was quite a long walk by foot, we had no choice but to go there on a small scooter. Yes, three people on a scooter. It was a crazy ride, but also such a fun one because Thai people don’t seem to have official driving rules. At some point I thought we would get wounded… But the road to Laem Phromthep was worth it. Slowly, the sun started to go down, while boats were floating on a pinkish sea. It felt surreal, and it was probably the most stunning sunset I’ve ever witnessed. Continue Reading…