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Bangkok photo diary


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Yikes. Super late Thailand posts coming up… as I’ve been there during winter 2013, whoops. Here’s the first out of many Asian photo diaries: Bangkok. It’s such a sprawling city, and I’ve been drawn by all its scents, its energy, the countless temples and the warm welcome of Thai people. I thought I loved spicy food, but learned the first day that I was completely wrong… haha. I still wonder how they can eat that hot without drinking three litres of water. It’s also crazy hot and humid, the heat is unbearable but there are some of the best tropical fruits out there. So good. If you ever happen to head to Thailand, I recommend giving a shot to Tavee Guesthouse, it’s a beautiful quiet hostel in the middle of the city, but really you cannot hear the noisy streets. And beware of stupid scams, such as a very friendly tuk-tuk driver that offers you high quality tailor made clothes… We learned from our mistakes. Continue Reading…