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Atelier Make


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It’s not a secret anymore that I feel drawn towards Scandinavian design, especially after my trip to Denmark and Sweden last summer. So it’s no wonder that I’ve been eyeing Atelier Make‘s work for a while. I love its aesthetic which is both minimalist and contemporary, and reminds me of Scandinavia. Yesterday, the two ladies running Atelier Make, Jaimie and Maya, kindly opened their studio to me. You can feel that both put lots of love, work and time to create beautiful, timeless and functional fine craft and share their passion with the community. It’s been a real pleasure to learn more about their working process and to discover their handmade porcelain tableware. I’ll have one of each, please. It’s just too pretty.

The studio is open every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm til Christmas and they also offer workshops, so make sure to check it out.

Thank you Jaimie and Maya!

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